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Developer of the DC Offerings™ Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

We've Streamlined and Simplified the Process to Make Cryptocurrency Investing Possible

"For Accredited Investors and/or Public or Private Companies seeking Capital Investment"

"First to Market"


Is a first to market platform for both the digital asset investor and private and publicly traded companies with investment capital needs

“It’s all going on behind the scenes”.

“Just like only seeing the tip of the iceberg”


Is a new, and never before offered investment service which for the very first time allows investors, without conversion to fiat currency;

To directly use their cryptocurrency to invest in private or publically traded companies.


Will allow the cryptocurrency owners the ability to unlock and diversify their: 

Cryptocurrency Holdings

Into investment equity or debt and lower their overall portfolio risk levels removing the stop sign that has empeded them from moving forward.


Will provide companies looking for capital investment with a new option to attract cryptocurrency investors. Up to this point, investors with cryptocurrency holdings have not been able to use their cryptocurrency to directly invest in companies. Now they can and are looking for companies like yours to invest in!!


Be a part of this new and exciting investment  opportunity.

Complete the form on the next page and begin the process of putting your cryptocurrency to work for you or if you’re seeking cryptocurrency investors capital for your company.

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DC Offerings™ Program

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